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California as seen from space using Natural Scene Designer's spherical earth mode

Natural Creative Power that's Easy To Use

Natural Graphics is the developer of Natural Scene Designer -- a powerful yet easy to use 3D program which lets you design, render, and animate natural outdoor scenes. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use for beginners, while advanced users will appreciate its power and versatility. It has advanced algorithms for creating realistic natural outdoor scenes with trees, clouds, rocks, bushes, lakes, atmospheric effects, imported 3D objects, and snow.

Create Realistic Pictures, Animations, Maps, and Interactive Virtual Reality Panoramas

Begin the creation of your scene by loading a 3D terrain model, or creating a random fractal terrain. Then adjust the settings for the sky, clouds, water, and lighting. Add trees, rocks, bushes, or even a 3D model of a building. Then adjust the camera viewpoint and render a picture, animation, or 360 degree panorama.

Georeference and Reproject Maps and Terrain Models with Natural Scene Designer Pro

The new "Pro" version includes support for 32 of the most common map projections, all US State Planes, and 230 map datums. It's powerful, memory efficient reprojection engine can reproject very large TIFF images (up to about 26,000 x 26,000 pixels). It includes the ability to georeference images and terrain models. It will also decollar maps with borders, so you can seamlessly merge multiple maps together.

Create Shaded Relief Maps

Natural Scene Designer is well suited for importing, combining, and efficiently handling large numbers of terrain models. This makes it an ideal choice for creating high resolution shaded relief maps. You can adjust the colors and settings to suit your needs. These shaded relief maps make great backgrounds for many mapping projects.

Over 50,000 Ready-to-use 3D Landscapes Available

Natural Scene Designer includes nearly 1000 high resolution 3D terrain models. We also offer several CD-ROMs with detailed 3D coverage of the entire USA. Or you can import files from the US Geological Survey, including the popular DEM, SDTS, and GTOPO 30 format..

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Natural Scene Designer can do views from space or close to the ground.

Natural Scene Designer 6.0 for Macintosh

Natural Scene Designer Pro 7.0 for Windows

New high-res 10 meter United States terrain models!

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